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Perforated Door Security Mesh​

At E & G Security Doors, our perforated door security mesh provides superior strength and security. It has premium-grade powder coating with non-corrosive aluminium finishing. It is extremely resistant to corrosion, and is very strong and easy to maintain. It has precision-punched holes that create an open area allowing pleasant airflow and clarity of vision. Its durability and sturdiness protects you from potential insect intruders. The perforated door security mesh is less expensive than woven stainless steel security mesh screen and more modern than diamond grille design. It offers great security for your family and house.


  • Relieve glare.
  • High strength
  • Anti-dynamic impact
  • Anti-knife shear.
  • Sufficient panel width and length
  • Round hole perforated aluminium mesh
  • Sufficient plate thickness
  • Good visibility

XGard Door Mesh

For a superior quality range of XGard doors, look no further than, E & G Security Doors. Our state-of -the-art XGard door mesh is a stylish addition to your property and also offers you the ultimate in privacy. XGard stops rainwater from entering the home, and the mesh serves to reduce noise and vibration when the door is closed. Very hard to see in, Privacy mesh is 2mm thick, Very strong. 


  • Higher security and strength
  • Aluminium mesh specification
  • Ultimate view and safety
  • Privacy mesh
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Galvanized Door Mesh

Galvanized door mesh is made from hot dipped high tensile galvanized steel wire.  It is one of the most strong and durable security screen for windows and doors. The  galvanized mesh is very much popular in the Australian market. 


  • High strength
  • Greater panel size
  • Black powder coated surface
  • Strong galvanized security screen

DVA security door mesh

The DVA security door mesh has a choice of 26 colours aluminum limited vision mesh for Australia. It is a one way restricted mesh very hard to see in. It provides maximum security and privacy and is available at great prices.


  • Maximum security.
  • Available in 26 colours.
  • Privacy mesh
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Pet Screen Mesh

If you are afraid to open the doors so as not to lose your loved pets, we are here to help you. Our pet screen mesh can provide protection of your pets and young children. We can provide “protective screen for pets”.


  • Anti-scratch
  • Paw proof
  • Plain weave

Tuff Mesh

If you need a durable and more stronger insect screen, tuff mesh screen is the perfect option for you. The vinyl-coated heavy-duty, insect screen is pet resistant and built to last. It has extra tough baked powder coated aluminium and is ideal for screening bushfire prone areas and security doors. It is stronger, hardwearing and heavy duty than our standard mesh. It is pet resistant and is also tear resistant.


  • Strong durable mesh
  • Minimises outside glare
  • Resists damage caused by pets
  • Maintains visibility
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Fibre glass mesh

It is designed in a beautiful manner by professionals who have a wealth of industry experience. This screen is free from defects and is available in different sizes. It has a smooth texture and can be customised according to client’s needs.


  • Mosquito proofing
  • Enhances both visibility & ventilation

Aluminium door mesh

The aluminium door mesh has excellent strength, hardness and heat dissipation.It is woven by advanced machines to ensure the quality. The aluminium alloy mesh is rush-resistant and also has a superior ventilation effect. It has a long service life.


  • Top-quality aluminium mesh
  • Mosquito resistant
  • Good resistance to high pressure and high temperature
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